Luv Ya Bunches

Top: Yasaman, Milla Bottom: Katie-Rose, Violet

This site allows you to be any Luv Ya Bunches Character, or just a fan! If your a fan, You can privatley ask questions to your favorite character, they will most likely answer back right away! Also, one day, I would like Lauren Myracle to see this website. I want her to see all the work I have done.

Here are your characters:

Violet is the new girl at Riverdell Elementery school. Although she is very nice, she also has an attitude. Her dad works at Burger King (i think) and her mom is in the hospital. Violet's username is Ultra-violet0.

Katie-Rose is sweet, spazzy, bossy, and petite. She is the most hyper out of all the group and really wanted to be friends with Milla in the beginning of the book. Her username is the*rose*knows.

Camilla (Milla for short), is sensitive, but sweet! She used to work for Medusa, errrr, Modessa, with evil Harpy Quin. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She met Katie-Rose in pioneer camp and they had so much fun together! Her username is MarshMilla

Yasaman is the one who started this whole site. She is the sweetest one out of everyone! Yasaman never Talks in class, and she's really shy. Her family is Muslim, but behind that headskarf is a wonderful head of hair! Her username is Yasaman.

Modessa is the Queen bee of the school. Everyone loves her, except the Flower Power Girls. Her evil harpy, Quin, works for her, and so does evil chick #3, Elena :(. She also luvs her celly. Modessa's username is ModessaQueenB.

Quin is Modessa's evil sidekick. Elena also helps Quin. She is a beanpole and makes fun of everything! Quin is in love with her celly and no one can touch it. Little kids had Quin's celly so she was mean to them. Quin's username is PandaLubber.

Elena is Milla's replacment. She used to be a farm girl but now she is, DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! Modessa and Quin's slave. It is unknown if she has a celly or not becuz it never says in the book. Once Elena is Modessa's slave, she wears Red lipstick and A BRA!!!!!!!!!! Elena's username is ElenasFarm.


Olivia is a 3rd grader who once mistaken Katie-Rose to be her age, but Katie-Rose got furious. Olivia is also a big fan of Katie-Rose. If she had to take any of the luv ya bunches girl's places, she would totally choose Katie-Rose. Her username is Katie-Rose :D.

There is also, Angelina (my best friend) who is crazy over luv ya bunches! She's my fan! I'm violet btw. I feel very appreciated

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