Is the new girl at Riverside Elementary, and she is worried about her mom who is in a hospital. Violet lives with her dad. On the first day, Violet asked Katie Rose where her classroom is. Katie Rose pointed over to the classroom, but she accidentally bumped Yasaman who bumped into Camilla, after Yasaman. Evil Quin found Tally The Turtle (which is Camillas) and keeps her. Later in the book, Violet tries to keep out an eye for creepy Cyril. He keeps writing about violet in his mysterious notebook. 


Katie-Rose is the second person to join Luv Ya with Yasaman. She is cute and crazy. She is the shortest kid in Luv Ya Bunches. Her iMing name is The*rose*knows. The*rose*knows [Katie-Rose] is friends with Max. Marshmilla [Camilla] used to think Katie-Rose stole Tally the turtle, when she did not. Violet stole Tally then hid it in between a couch cushion, which Modessa ended up finding. Modessa then planted in Katie-Rose's backpack. Katie-Rose told Milla that she did not steal Tally so now they are friends again.


Camilla is a nice, sweet, strong young girl. She tends to get low-self esteem every once in a while, especially around Modessa and Quin. However, she is bubbly and happy around her FFFs.


She was nice in the whole book. She even made the site! She is a computer genius, of course! She made luv ya bunches! Her FFFs are Katie Rose, Milla, and Violet! Yasaman has strict parents and she always has to follow the rules. But with crazy Katie-Rose around, anything could happen! Like when she signed her up for trapeze lessons. But yaz likes to get her in gear too.