From here, u can hold up with the story! In the comments box, u can add on, 2! U can chat with Milla, K-R, Violet, and Yaz thru what their writing! Take a look!

Milla's side

Okay, so on Easter I'm having a party.  It's going to be amazing!!  K-R, Violt, Yasaman, Max, Elena (Maybe), and Hayley!! When I get home, I'm sending all the invitations!!  Please don't get mad K-R!

Katie-Rose's side

So Milla is having a sleepover party, please tell her NOT to invite Elena.  I mean, we tried helping her but it didn't wok!  ove on, MIlla!  We have Hayley now! PLEAAASE!!!!!?????

Yasaman's side

When Milla has the aster party,I forbid drama.  I WILL LEAVE IS THERE IS ANY DRAMA.  Also, if Milla invites Elena, KATIE-ROSE WILL NOT ACT UP!!!!  You hear me, Katie-Rose?  End of story, NO DRAMA.

Violet's side

Easter Party?  I'm in!!!  But please don't get mad, because I think K-R is kinda right.  I on't want Elena to ruin you.  She may now be an ultimate evil chick #3 now.  Modessa and Quin may have but her up to something.  Please don't get mad!!